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In 2017 we were invited to write a the Schema Therapy volume for the Guilford series on Self-Practice/Self-Reflection edited by James Bennet-Levy. James had participated in one of our Self-Practice Schema Therapy groups in Australia.

The idea of SP-SR is to add the experience of a psychotherapy model with written reflection as part of the training of therapists at all levels of experience.

We had led self-practice groups for therapists since 1985. From the experience of writing the SP-SR book we began to offer 30 hour SP-SR group programs for schema therapists using online delivery via Zoom. 

Try this exercise from our book as a Schema Therapy daily Check-in for self-care.
Walking Through Your Modes.

Announcing: 2024 Experiencing Schema Therapy from the Inside Out:

Self-Practice/Self Reflection Group Program for Schema Therapists

Led by Joan Farrell. Ph.D. and Ida Shaw, M.A.

A 20 Session Self-Practice-Self Reflection Intensive 

This closed group meets for 20 sessions, on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month for 90 minutes, from February 2024 through November 2024.  

There are also two Individual sessions with Joan or Ida, one at the start of the program and one after it ends.

The group is limited to 10 schema therapists and once it starts, will be closed to new members.


This unique approach to self-practice includes written self-reflection which directs you to reflect upon your personal experience of interventions as well as what you can learn from your experience to use in your practice for your professional self.

Attendance can be used to meet the continuing education requirement for ISST certification, the 6 hours of group self-practice required for certification in Group Schema Therapy or the ISST allowed number of individual ST supervision equivalent hours. The format of “Experiencing ST from the Inside-Out” workbook will be used for the sessions adapted to the needs of the group. 

We continue to enjoy leading schema therapy groups together, so as age and the pandemic have caused us to limit our international travel, we have converted our groups to ZOOM.


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